Fuel-Efficient Steer Tire

The new Goodyear Fuel Max LHSGoodyear Fuel Max LHS is a long-haul steer tire that’s said to complement what the company claims is “the most fuel-efficient long-haul drive tire in North America,” the Fuel Max LHD G505D introduced last year.

The combination of those two tires, says Goodyear, can save as much as $1300 worth of fuel per truck, per year, on average, compared to competitive brands.      

The new Fuel Max LHS also offers: specialized, multi-layered tread compounding to promote even wear and long life; penetration resistance to help prevent stone drilling, which promotes casing retreadability; and a steel belt and casing package for enhanced toughness and endurance, among other features.

Like the LHD G505D, the  Fuel Max LHS is SmartWay-verified.

Rolf Lockwood is editor emeritus of Today's Trucking and a regular contributor to Trucknews.com.

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