Grease is used in applications where liquid lubricants cannot provide the required protection. The main property of grease is that it stays in place, providing proper lubrication in applications that cannot use a fluid lubricant. We supply fully formulated performance packages as well individual components, including:

Structure modifiers:
These are polymers that alter the behavior of the thickener to improve performance. An example would be enhancing water resistance. This prevents grease from washing off parts in extremely wet environments such as steel mills and ship propellers.

Oxidation inhibitors:
Extend the life of grease exposed to higher temperatures.

Rust and corrosion inhibitors:
Rust and corrosion can cause increase wear and premature failure of metal components. These additives inhibit rust and corrosion environments with water contamination.

Extreme pressure/Anti-wear agents:
Minimize wear in applications where high heat and pressure stress both the grease and the machinery.
Metal Deactivators:
Reduces the metal (copper) reactivity to protect the metal (copper) surfaces from degradation.

Viscosity Modifiers:
We offer customized polymer and VM packages to provide flexibility in grease formulation.

Greases can be found in a wide variety of applications, from those that lubricate the turn signal assembly in an automobile to those found in the largest industrial mining equipment. These application requirements can vary from needing minimal performance to instances in which lubrication needs dictate a highly specialized, technically advanced product containing many different types of additives One of the most demanding applications is the aviation industry. Grease lubricating the bearing assembly in the landing gear of airplanes is exposed to the full range of performance requirements. The greases experiences heavy loads, especially on landing, and there are extremes in temperature from ground level to cruising altitude. Other examples of specialty uses include automotive switches requiring properties to give a more luxurious feel, bullet trains requiring special low noise lubricants, radiation resistant grease for the nuclear power industry, and food grade applications needing greases specially approved for contact with edible products.

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