Hotsy’s new gas-powered series of hot-water pressure washers offers four mobility options to fit the cleaning needs of commercial users.

The standard model is equipped with a trailer-mount chassis, but it can be converted to a portable unit with two wheels and two casters for easy maneuvering on concrete or flat surfaces.

A four-wheel pressure washer kit is also offered with pneumatic tires, allowing for portability on gravel surfaces.

And the chassis is available in a skid unit, allowing it to be easily moved by a forklift.

All four models feature the Hotsy-designed triplex belt-drive pump. The benefit of a belt-drive pump is said to be slower rpm than a direct-drive pump, allowing smoother operation, as the belts act as dampeners for vibrations and pressure spikes.

The gas engine models are available in nine, 13 or 16 hp, two of then powered by Honda, while a third boasts a Robin Subaru engine, and the fourth a Vanguard engine. All models produce cleaning power between 3000 and 3500 psi of water pressure and up to 4.6 gpm of flow volume. As with all Hotsy industrial-grade pressure washers, these new belt-drive models come standard with a seven-year warranty on the pump.

Optional features include a wheel kit and handle for easy portability and a hose reel for easy storage.

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