Consolidated Metco has introduced an interactive pre-set hub training CD for service technicians. The ‘student’ can complete the hub training on his own schedule, at his own location, with virtually the same content provided by ConMet service managers in a more formal on-site training session – though it can also be used in conjunction with such a session. The new CD-ROM training program instructs technicians on the proper identification, removal, servicing and reinstallation of ConMet’s pre-set hub assemblies. Users answer questions at the end of each chapter and are notified of their overall score. After successfully completing the training session and correctly answering the questions, the technician is able to print out a customized ‘Certification of Achievement’. The 45-minute training session uses realistic animation to illustrate and explain detailed instructions on such subjects as: inspection and preventive maintenance; lubricant requirements; hub removal and disassembly; end-play measurement; and hub pilot vs. ball seat wheel mounting systems A “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section is available at the end of the training program to help answer questions that technicians may have.

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