Hybrid Drive Tire

Continental Hybrid HD3A drive tire

Continental says its latest drive tire, the Hybrid HD3A, recognizes a new segment in commercial truck operations, combining long haul with regional traffic. It was introduced at the Mid-America show in Louisville.

The company says customers asked for fuel efficiency on the highway plus durability and extended mileage on regional roads.

The Conti Hybrid HD3 is now the company’s widest dual drive tire, at 248 mm, with 27/32nds tread depth in a new regenerating pattern that’s cut in three dimensions. The combination of these characteristics and a large tread volume is said to allow for long tread life, as well as a larger footprint that provides excellent traction when operated on highways, according to Continental.

The traction requirements for regional traffic, which often include changing weather conditions and curved roads, have also been addressed via the Hybrid HD3’s tread geometry. The three-dimensional lateral sipes and a directional tread pattern provide more gripping edges on the road surface than a traditional drive tire, Continental says. These sipes also support the tread blocks against forces from the drivetrain, retarder and wheel brake system to achieve the best possible traction and braking force transfer. An open shoulder also gives ideal grip and directional control for this application.

In long-haul work the new Hybrid HD3 is said to reduce fuel consumption versus Continental’s traditional regional and mileage drive tires. With advanced tread-cap compounding, a self-stabilizing rib-block pattern, and minimized tread deformation from a stiff shoulder, users can expect more than 10% improvement in rolling resistance against Continental’s HDR2 and HDL2 DL.

Offering maximum retreadability as well, according to Continental, the Hybrid HD3 will be available in April in sizes 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5, and 11R24.5. The tire will be available as a ContiTread retread product in late 2013. Both the new tire and ContiTread product will be submitted to the U.S. EPA SmartWay technology program for verification.


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