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Impact wrench combines power and control

Ingersoll Rand’s IQV20 Series W7152 ½-inch cordless impact wrench delivers up to 1,500 foot pounds of torque and 1,000 foot pounds of maximum reverse torque.

There are four power and control settings overall. Max power delivers 1,000 foot pounds of torque for tightening bolts on things like brake calipers. Half power drops that to 530 foot pounds for spring bolts and exhaust work. Lighter still is the wrench tight setting that will pre-tighten bolts at 35-110 foot pounds, while the hand tight setting turns slowly to start lug bolts or secure parts like splash shields.

Measuring 8.1 inches long it highlights work with a 360-degree shadowless task light, and features a composite housing and steel-reinforced frame. Its 20-volt battery is compatible with Ingersoll Rand’s IQV20 Series system.

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