Continental says the new and more fuel-efficient version of its medium-duty steer tire, the HSR2 Eco Plus, provides about 3% greater fuel economy compared to the current HSR2 regional steer tire. Testing showed a 15% improvement in rolling resistance, and according to Continental engineers, this new tire will achieve greater fuel efficiency than a long-haul steer tire.

That’s because the new tire uses a fuel-efficient compound and has a four rib tread design, which significantly improves rolling resistance. A premium long-haul steer tire typically has five ribs along with decoupler grooves in the shoulder to prevent irregular wear often found with all-highway driving. The ideal fuel-efficient tire would have no ribs at all, the company says, but that’s not possible.
Other features of the HSR2 Eco Plus include a protective curb rib for high-scrub applications; patented groove geometry that reduces cracking and tearing; and the proprietary VAI+ system of visual alignment indicators that also demonstrate the tire’s tread depth.

The new model is verified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership as a low-rolling-resistance truck tire, which is unique for a tire aimed at regional service.

It’s available in size 275/80/R22.5.

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