From ScanIQ in Richmond Hill, Ont. comes the RoadRunner 1800, a luggable office in a case conceived by a young veteran of the LTL trucking wars. It allows drivers to scan documents in the cab and then transmit them via the internet with the touch of a button. Documents are automatically converted to PDF format and e-mailed to as many contacts as required by cellular means.

It’s said to be ideal for companies doing a large percentage of LTL business. The ability to send docs back to the planning department allows staff to build loads before the product is there. As well, users can invoice immediately after pickups and dropoffs while enhancing customer satisfaction with immediate proof-of-delivery info.

Every doc scanned is backed up on ScanIQ’s server for 90 days where it’s accessible by management using a password. If the unit is stolen, the info remains safe because the unit is encrypted and can’t be accessed without an authorized password.

The driver’s life will also be simpler, ScanIQ says, adding that, with such added convenience, recruitment and retention could well be improved. The RoadRunner 1800 allows, for example, real-time transmission of critical documents such as those concerning damages, shortages, and weight overages. It seems very easy to use with no Windows applications or mouse manipulation required. The driver is notified with voice prompts throughout the scan/send process.

The device is portable and can be used in different truck cabs, becoming driver-specific as opposed to truck-specific. The system is also easy to re-assign when temporary drivers are used. Drivers can also take the unit with them outside the cab and then continue work inside motels or restaurants.

It doesn’t require permanent installation so there’s no tampering with the dashboard, making truck downtime easy to deal with. That said, the company is working on a more permanently installed version.

The RoadRunner 1800, which uses a "superior" Fujitsu S300 scanner, can be bought or leased in three versions: the 1800S (scanning with data backup); the 1800SG (scanning plus 2-way voice communication via VOIP); and the  1800SGI (scanning plus 2-way voice communication via VOIP plus GPS). Prices start at C$1999.

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