TireStamp Corporation has announced what it calls a major innovation in intelligent tire management for truck fleet
operators plagued with trailer tire problems. It’s a subscription-based service that monitors trailer tire
condition and offers real-time reports on any Internet-connected computer.

The company, led by renowned tire expert Peggy Fisher, notes that trailer tires comprise 75% of en-route tire
failures, the vast majority of which are caused by either chronic underinflation or penetrating objects. The impact
is substantial because trailers in single trailer configurations account for 45% of the whole unit’s fuel
consumption, and as much as 65% in a doubles configuration.

TireVigil InTow can continuously monitor trailer tires whether they’re rolling down the highway, dropped at a
customer’s location, or being serviced. Utilizing tire data collected from tire-pressure sensors and wireless
technology, tire pressure and temperature data is transmitted via asset-management telematics devices to TireVigil in-house servers. TireVigil’s tire management software can alert the fleet manager about critical trailer tire information via any Internet-accessible computer at any time. A fleet manager need not be caught unaware of tire
problems even though they may be happening hundreds of miles away.

In many over-the-road operations trailers are frequently dropped in a customer’s yard for long periods, and due to
a variety of causes, their tires can go flat. TireVigil InTow will advise the fleet of critical conditions and,
before a tractor is dispatched to pick up the trailer, the fleet can arrange for the tire’s repair. That deftly
avoids driver delays and may also prevent a catastrophic loss of the tire on the road.

TireVigil InTow gives fleet operator’s total control over tire management and thus costs, with reports generated on
tire pressure, temperature and maintenance performance. Standard or customized management reports can be generated
by tire type, trailer type, maintenance facility and other analytical metrics.

It’s a subscription-based service available through leading telematics suppliers, OEM’s and systems integrators
throughout North America.

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