Intelligent trailer module

John G Smith

Haldex has unveiled its new Intelligent Trailer Control Module (ITCM), increasing the communication speeds and functionality available through antilock braking systems.

The ITCM communicates using both the Power Line Carrier (PLC) protocol and Controller Area Network (CAN) port, and has six auxiliary ports for additional devices. Those devices can include roll stability control such as the Haldex Stability Module, and lift axle control such as the Haldex ILAS E.

“Not every roll event can be prevented on the tractor,” says Scott Walpole, North American product manager – ABS/EBS and valves, referring to the need for a trailer-based system. “There are a lot of applications such as tanker fleets that will probably have both.”

The accelerometers in stability modules could also sense the direction and lift of an axle, he adds, referring to the broad use of lift axles in the Canadian market.

An integrated switch control acts like an on/off switch triggered by pressures, temperature, power voltage and other inputs, while an external monitoring system reports on non-Haldex systems such as tire pressure monitoring and integrates into a fleet’s global positioning system.

Air brake monitors could detect issues such as brake drag, air system leaks, false charging, and incorrect gladhand connections, warning drivers through the ABS lamp in the dash and sounding an audible alarm. The switch controls, meanwhile, might be used to trigger warnings about open doors, brake lining wear, deployed aerodynamic devices, or failed bulbs, Walpole said.

Diagnostic information is delivered through menu-driven screens, and connects to diagnostic tools through a dongle.

The self-configuring and flash-upgradeable electronic control module is compatible with 1M, 2M, and 3M antilock brake configurations.

The ITCM will be available for OEMs and the aftermarket in the second quarter of this year.

John G Smith

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