ISL-G Near Zero in Petes

Peterbilt has introduced the Cummins Westport ISL-G Near Zero NOx emissions natural gas engine for models 567, 520, and 320. Its emissions are said to be 90% lower than the current EPA NOx limit by way of a three-way catalyst in the aftertreatment system, advanced engine calibration, and a closed-crankcase ventilation system (CCV).

The new engine’s performance and efficiency match the current ISL-G, with 320 hp and 1000 lb ft of torque available. Target markets are linehaul, vocational, and refuse applications.

Like the currently available ISL-G engine, the ISL-G Near Zero operates on 100% natural gas, which can be  in either compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) form. It can also run on renewable natural gas (RNG).

The engine will become available for production in models 520 and 320 by year-end, and  in the Model 567 in early 2017.

Rolf Lockwood is editor emeritus of Today's Trucking and a regular contributor to

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