Kenworth takes orders on Class 7 electric trucks

by Today's Trucking

Kenworth K270E Class 6 and K370E Class 7 battery-electric trucks are now available for order.

The electric powertrain draws from 141-kWh or 282-kWh battery packs that deliver respective ranges of up to 160 and 320 km. They can be recharged in as little as an hour using a DC fast charging system, although overnight AC charging is also offered. There’s regenerative braking to be used in stop-and-go traffic, too.

(Photo: Kenworth)

The motive power comes from two direct-drive motors rated at 355 hp and 469 hp, depending on the application, offering enough torque to begin moving the truck on a 20% grade. There’s even enough power to keep a fully loaded truck moving 65 km/h on a 6% grade.

The area under the cab that would normally house a diesel engine is the home to a power cradle that includes all the components needed to run the electric powertrain, HVAC system, and e-PTO.

Batteries are mounted outside and air tanks are mounted inside the frame rails, in the name of distributing weight, while an e-compressor feeds the air system.

Available wheelbases include 206 inches (24-foot box bodies), 218 inches (26-foot box bodies) and 274 inches (30-foot box bodies).

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