Takata SafeTraK and Mobileye have joined Iteris as PeopleNet-certified partners. As well, the company has added two partners — Doran and BatRF by Stemco — that integrate with its tire-pressure monitoring service. PeopleNet began offering tire-pressure monitoring last year in partnership with Advantage PressurePro.

These lane-departure systems act as an "extra set of eyes" for the truck driver, the company says, noting that they help mitigate one of the major cause of highway fatalities –lane departure due to drowsy, fatigued, or distracted drivers. It’s claimed that fleets using a warning system report a 75% average decrease in such accidents.
Programmed to recognize the difference between the road and lane markings, lane-departure warning systems alert drivers who are drifting out of a lane. The small, integrated unit consists of a camera, onboard computer, and software that’s readily attached to the windshield, dashboard or into the overhead console. They’re optimized to "virtually eliminate false alarms." the company says.

With the PeopleNet integration, fleet managers have visibility on all lane-departure events and can proactively use this data to identify individual driver trends that may need corrective coaching attention.

On the tire front, the company has a new tire-pressure reporting feature that provides the driver with the pressure status on both tractor and trailer, with real-time tire-pressure alarms that are first transmitted to the PeopleNet Fleet Manager. When pressure exceeds programmed thresholds it also, if warranted, emails the fleet manager.

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