From Wheel Monitor comes the "low cost" P100 A/N Proviso Plus electronic lift-axle control. It monitors the axle-load weight and lifts automatically when the vehicle is lightly loaded or empty. It can control the lifting and lowering points very accurately, the company says, adding that it’s "very easy to install."

Standard functions include automatically lifting the steerable lift axle when reversing and electronically locking it above 60 km/h, plus 4-way flasher weight distribution under 60 km/h.

There’s a maximum-load indicator light that’s useful when the operator is nearing that point. The unit controls equalization of truck suspension on air and on hard suspensions to an air-liftable steer axle.

The Proviso Plus control also recalibrates and equalizes the load via air pressure in the self-steer air-ride. An internal temperature sensor and heater system prevent freezing.

All of this should bring reduced wear and tear on tires & axles, the company says, while minimizing the number of infractions incurred as a result of leaving the axle up when the vehicle is loaded. There are also productivity gains to be had because the controller eliminates the driver having to stop and manually lower or lift the axle.

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