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Link Mfg suspensions support heavy hauls

Triton Tri-Drive Air Suspensions feature a 105K carrying capacity.

Link Mfg.’s new high-capacity Triton Tri-Drive Air Suspension is engineered for multi-axle, heavy-haul and off-highway applications including mining and logging.

The suspensions can be combined for a variety of carrying capacities, including a 35K single drive, 70K dual drive, and 105K tri-drive configuration.

The mounting system features extra-wide weight-bearing brackets that deliver yaw stability for balanced handling. The ride quality itself is enhanced using high-mounted air springs and under-slung spring saddles, which allow plus or minus four inches of articulation to minimize roll.

A military-grade beam also helps to handle punishing terrain, the company says.

Longitudinal and lateral control rods, meanwhile, help to ensure proper axle tracking and alignment. The trailing beams are interconnected with a torsion bar as well, to improve ride stability. Dual-height control valves help to maintain optimum ride heights independent of load levels, and all units are fitted with heavy-duty shock absorbers.

Maintenance needs are further minimized with polyurethane bushings that eliminate lubrication requirements. They’re also more resilient than natural rubber bushings.

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