Lion 8 electric Class 8 emerges in Quebec

The Lion 8 electric truck was developed in Quebec with the support of provincial suppliers.

Quebec-based Lion Electric Company is already known for its electrified school buses, but it has now revealed an electric Class 8 truck for its lineup in the form of the Lion 8.

Rather than outfitting an existing truck with an electric drivetrain, the Lion 8 was designed with electrification in mind.

The model has a 400-km range, which aligns with the work completed by about 45% of the Class 8 trucks sold in North America. It offers up to 480 kWh of power, with an electric motor rated up to 350 kW and capable of delivering up to 3,500 Nm (about 2,580 lb-ft) of torque. The electric system is rated at 750 volts.

The truck was developed with support of the Quebec government, which contributed $8.6 million to the project. The electric motors come from TM4, the fast charging station from AddEnergie Technologies, and the telematics system from Solution Centrum Adetel Transportation. All three companies are based in the province.­­

A pre-production version of the truck was presented to the Saint-Jerome Road Transport Training Center, while production of a Class 8 tractor is scheduled for 2020.

Retail prices are expected to run between $250,000 and $400,000, depending on the spec’s.

Maintenance costs are predicted to be around 60% cheaper than a diesel-powered truck because there is no exhaust system, diesel particulate filter, transmission, or engine oil to consider. Regenerative braking activities are also expected to triple the potential brake life.

The Lion 8 comes with a gross vehicle weight rating of 55,000 lb. The tare weight itself is around 25,000 lb.

There is a 19.2 kW AC onboard charger meeting J1772 standards, while DC-based fast charging with a 100 kW connection can be completed in about 90 minutes.

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