Mack Granites incorporate Fusion

Mack Granites are now available with the next generation of Bendix Wingman Fusion – the camera- and radar-based driver assistance systems.

The second generation of the system incorporates automatic emergency braking (AEB) as well as enhanced lane departure warnings.

Other updates include improved following distance alerts that offer warnings up to 3.5 seconds before an impact, and three levels of driver notifications before brakes are automatically applied.

The new detection features also enable Wingman Fusion to reduce vehicle speeds by up to 80 km/h to help mitigate collisions. Other incorporated technologies will sound the alarm and apply the brakes if the drive begins to cross the line into a lane that is blocked by a slow or stopped vehicle.

Windshield-mounted cameras track lane positions, and at speeds above 60 km/h will alert drivers when they cross the line without a turn signal applied.

Driver-facing cameras are also available.

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