Bendix ESP will prevent most rollovers like this

Mack highway models are now available with Bendix ABS-6 Advanced including the ESP vehicle stability system. It provides protection against the possibility of a rollover or jackknife. ABS-6 is presently the standard ABS offering on select Mack highway and vocational vehicles.

The ESP system gives drivers an effective ABS-based stability system and traction control that responds to both low- and high-friction surfaces. It will often detect a vehicle’s impending loss of stability before the typical driver senses it, and automatically intervenes by selectively applying individual tractor and trailer brakes and by reducing engine fuelling. It’s especially effective for tractors pulling trailers, says Bendix.

This helps the driver to reduce speed and keep the truck moving straight in situations involving oversteer or understeer, and sudden transitions from dry to slippery surfaces.

The system monitors inputs from sensors and applies all available brakes to rapidly reduce rollover potential when turning, including high-friction conditions involving curves, sudden lane changes, and obstacle-avoidance maneuvers.

Studies have shown that rollovers contribute to more than half of truck driver accident fatalities.

Mack intends to offer ABS-6 with ESP on its vocational vehicles as well, though the timing of that introduction hasn’t been set.

Bendix developed ABS-6 in conjunction with its European affiliate, Knorr-Bremse. It’s available in standard, premium (with traction control) and advanced (with
stability functionality) configurations.

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