#MATS: Cummins uses nanotechnology to develop new fuel filter

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Cummins has tapped into the surreal science of nanotechnology to develop a fuel filter that can trap particles 12 times smaller than what the human eye can detect.

The company revealed its new line of Fleetguard fuel filters at a press conference preceding the Mid-America Trucking Show. The FF5782 fuel filter uses a nanotechnology-based filtration method, which Cummins says was developed specifically for high-horsepower Cummins engines.

The new filter, field-tested already for three years, can trap 98.7% of all particles as small as four microns, the company claims. It also exhibits 13 times greater retention of particles during fuel surge and engine vibration than its nearest competitor, Cummins announced. The end result is a fuel filter that provides longer life and less downtime due to failed injectors. Joseph Saoud, president of the Cummins filtration business, said one test showed the nearest competitors’ filter failed after 37 hours’ use, while the new Cummins fuel filter ran for 190 hours without a failure before the test was halted.

He also said more Cummins Fleetguard filters using the same nanotechnology will be released in the coming months.

Cummins Filtration also announced the launch of a new filter recycling program, dubbed Filtering Change. The program will initially be rolled out to American fleets and service centres, and eventually global providers, to encourage the recycling of metal filter cans and used media elements.

In just three months, Cummins says the program has seen more than 50 metric tonnes of previously junked material diverted to recycling programs.

“As service providers, our customers are already required by government regulations to manage waste oil and filters,” said Matthew Tullai, executive director, marketing an sales, Cummins Filtration. “This program is built around helping them take it to the next level, to rethink how they manage that waste for the future.”

Participating companies will be able to track their conservation accomplishments through an online calculator set up by Cummins.

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