MATS REPORT: Kinedyne launches innovative strap accessory, improved decking beams

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Kinedyne Corporation is providing truckers with a way to “bag it” and not “drag it” with the introduction of the StrapPak, a strap accessory designed to secure the loose end of a ratchet strap.


“StrapPak is a quick, easy way to secure ratchet straps – it provides a simple solution to an age old problem,” explains Jim Calico, Kinedyne’s vice-president of sales and marketing. 


StrapPak is a bright, orange mesh bag that attaches directly to the fixed-end of a ratchet strap. The product was designed with flatbed and utility trailers in mind, says Kinedyne, and can secure up to 30 feet of a loose strap end.


StrapPak can be purchased preassembled, on a standard two-inch ratchet strap. Kinedyne says the aftermarket version can easily be retrofitted as an accessory to most straps already in service. Kinedyne is marketing the product as a effective alternative to duct tape or cable ties which truck drivers often use to secure excess webbing on ratchet straps.   


“In addition to its primary purpose – securing the loose end of straps – StrapPak has another value,” Calico added. “It’s actually the perfect tool for storing and organizing straps when they are not in use.” 


Kinedyne has also redesigned its Series E/A Decking Beams in an effort to extend beam life and provide a simple storage solution.


All enhanced Series E/A aluminum beams will now include Kinedyne’s new KwikLatch trigger release with ergonomic finger tabs on both sides of the beam head.  This new feature is designed to make it easier to release the beam from the track, even when in an elevated position. 


Kinedyne notes that most decking beams use a traditional tab release trigger positioned on the top side of the beam head, which leaves the tab open to damage from forklifts and can be difficult to operate when wearing bulky safety equipment, such as gloves. 


“These new features solve the problems that most fleet operators and drivers experience with traditional beam designs,” says Calico. “This upgrade is an example of how we use our customer feedback to enhance our products, ensuring all of their needs are met. It’s yet another example of Kinedyne’s approach to developing innovative products for the transportation industry.” 


The Series E/A beams also have several optional features available, including the E-Key Fitting accessory that allows the truck operator to hang their beams – when not in use – from Kinedyne’s standard Logistic Track. In addition, the Safety Lock Pin is designed to provide a tamperproof device that secures the beam in a shoring position. Officials say the pin can be easily removed, using standard bolt cutters, at the final destination. 

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