Michelin unveils new X-One — and trailer aerokit

John G Smith

Michelin has unveiled a series of products to improve fuel economy — and the latest offering goes beyond tires alone, in the form of the Energy Guard aerodynamic system for trailers.

The system includes a trailer side skirt that is fully flexible, and can bend over objects and snap back in place, aerodynamic flow-through mudflaps, a wake reducer to increase pressure on the back of the trailer and reduce drag, and drag-reducing trailer end fairings. None of the features need to be engaged by drivers.

Michelin says the kit provides a 7.4% improvement in fuel efficiency, which has been validated through fleet testing. It will be available June 1 as a complete kit. Individual components won’t be offered.

Meanwhile, the new X One Grip D wide-base single tire has been unveiled to replace the XDA2, providing 25% better snow traction than leading competitive tires. It has received Three Peak Snowflake certification to signify the snow performance, and is Smartway-verified.  The tire also features an open shoulder for improved grip, as well as matrix siping to form biting edges.

The newest X One wide-base single also features a dual compound — the top layer contributes to a longer tread life while the one underneath keeps the casing cool for maximum retreadability, the company says. Wide-base singles are also lighter than duals, and can save a fleet more than 700 lb. if the tractor and trailer are so equipped. Michelin is backing the new tire with a driver and operator satisfaction guarantee. If drivers are unhappy with the performance of the tire, Michelin will refund the tire and wheel purchase price, in addition to $30 for labor, up to 150 days after purchase.



John G Smith

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