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Michigan beverage distributor places sizeable hybrid order with International

ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A Michigan beverage distributor has taken delivery of 15 International DuraStar Hybri...

ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A Michigan beverage distributor has taken delivery of 15 International DuraStar Hybrid tractors, according to International’s parent company Navistar.


Powers Distributing made the purchase, which International says is its largest order to date of the company’s new hybrid beverage tractor, placed by a beer distributor. The trucks utilize Eaton’s hybrid system.


Powers predicts it will reduce its fuel consumption by more than 25% on 15 routes used by the hybrid trucks, totalling about 12,500 gallons of diesel saved each year.


“Upgrading our fleet with the International DuraStar Hybrid is part of Powers’ commitment to using renewable resources and leaving Michigan cleaner, healthier and stronger for future generations,” said Powers president Gerald Powers. “These International DuraStar Hybrid tractors represent the future and we encourage other businesses to join us in investing in new American technology that can reduce dangerous greenhouse gases and protect our land, air and Great Lakes.”


International claims its hybrid tractors also reduce hydrocarbons by 33% and NOx emissions by 35% compared to standard diesel trucks.


“Navistar, in collaboration with Eaton Corporation, was the first to deliver assembly line production of hybrid technology to the truck industry,” said Steve Sexton, sales manager for local dealer Tri-County International Trucks. “We’re pleased to congratulate Powers Distributing on being the largest purchaser among beer distributors nationally of the hybrid product. We think Powers is setting an excellent example for the beverage industry and other businesses in our region by making this significant investment in environmentally-friendly technology.”


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