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New hybrid-electric delivery truck unveiled in Victoria

VICTORIA, B.C. -- Thanks to support from the B.C. Ministry of Environment and the Fraser Basin Council's Green Flee...

The hybrid delivery truck could save fuel consumption by up to 35%.
The hybrid delivery truck could save fuel consumption by up to 35%.

VICTORIA, B.C. — Thanks to support from the B.C. Ministry of Environment and the Fraser Basin Council’s Green Fleets B.C. program, Victoria-based R&B Trucking is meeting the tough economic times head on with a new diesel-electric hybrid refrigerated delivery truck that’s expected to save the company as much as 35% in fuels costs and reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 20 tonnes per year.


It’s all part of the Fraser Basin Council’s Green Fleets B.C. program, which provides support to trucking companies, to help them move towards environmentally-friendly practices and technologies. In return for sharing their experiences with others in the industry, participating companies save money, improve worker health, and decrease smog and GHG emissions.


The B.C. government is supporting Green Fleets B.C., a key component of the provincial government’s Air Action Plan, with $330,000 for the Fraser Basin Council’s hybrid truck incentive programs. The program covers the difference between a hybrid truck and a conventional truck, for up to $20,000 per vehicle.


R&B’s Class 7 2009 Freightliner M2e 106 hybrid truck (33,000 GVW) uses Eaton’s hybrid system, allowing it to capture energy produced under braking and use it to help launch the vehicle. It can also run the refrigeration unit off battery power, eliminating the need for a second engine.


R&B Trucking owner Paul Cunnington, said the company is proud to take a leadership role in this area.


“With the long-term cost of diesel rising, we’re looking forward to seeing a big drop in our fuel bill. We’re also excited to be doing our part for the environment.”


In return for assistance in purchasing the truck, R&B Trucking will collect and share operational data and driver feedback with other Green Fleets B.C. participants. This information is intended to assist other fleet operators across B.C. to determine which green technologies can best help them trim operating costs.


David Marshall, the executive director for the Fraser Basin Council, congratulated R&B Trucking for being one of the first urban delivery fleets to bring this combination of technologies to North America. “The data we generate with R&B will show urban delivery companies that there are financial benefits to going green.”


B.C. Environment Minister Barry Penner said the project is a great example of how government and the private sector can work together to encourage the adoption of energy-saving technologies and reduce air pollution.

“A few years ago, hybrid taxi cabs were the exception rather than the norm,” said Penner. “Today, it’s the other way around, in part because of the $2,000 incentive provided by the B.C. Government. With help from the Fraser Basin Council, and with leadership from companies like R&B Trucking, we hope to see similar success in the urban trucking industry.”


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