New Michelin tire for light trucks and commercial vans

by Truck News

Michelin’s new Agilis CrossClimate tire is designed for ¾- and one-ton trucks and vans operated by commercial fleets. It’s aimed at: local and parcel delivery fleets; food and beverage haulers; telecom and utility fleets; and trades, including landscaping, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and pest control.

Michelin Agilis

The Agilis CrossClimate will launch Apr. 1 in the U.S. and Canada, in 16 light truck sizes, and five C-Metric sizes for commercial vans. Michelin says features and benefits include: durability over extended miles; towing and hauling heavy loads; improved protection from impacts and punctures; and all-weather performance for rough work conditions.

Adam Murphy, vice-president of marketing for Michelin, said during the Technology & Maintenance Council meetings of the American Trucking Associations, that urban markets are growing. This means more need for tires designed for local delivery fleets, express mail and parcel delivery companies, temperature-controlled carriers, and tradesmen.

“This is an incredibly dynamic part of the market that becoming more and more important,” Murphy said.

He noted the U.S. economy is mostly driven around consumer experiences and services.

“Another hot part of our economy is construction and infrastructure,” Murphy added. “A big driving force behind that is, you’ve got the largest population bubble in our history that is now coming into the age of home ownership. There’s no reason to expect home aspect of construction is going to slow down anytime soon. In addition to that, it seems increasingly likely we’re going to be making a major infrastructure investment.”

That, Murphy said, will fuel trades activity. It will also spur growth in the vehicle segment served by the new Agilis CrossClimate. Such vehicles are evolving, as seen by the growing emergence of commercial delivery vans.

“There are now over two million tires in that market,” Murphy said, adding that’s expected to grow 50% in the near future.

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