New Toyo tire comes SmartWay certified

John G Smith

Toyo Tires’ new NanoEnergy M671 super regional drive tire has been released with promises of superior traction, exceptional fuel efficiency, and excellent wear life. It also comes verified by SmartWay.

The features are supported by improved tread compounds that were developed using the company’s Nano Balance Technology.

The M671 also incorporates an “e-balance” design that helps to maintain the tread’s profile while reducing strain around the bead and belt edge. The wide tread pattern, meanwhile, includes 3D sipes that support traction, provide even contact pressure, and reduce irregular wear.

The top belt and stone ejectors help to protect the casing for retreading, while fuel economy comes through the choice of compounds.

It is available in 295/75R22.5 G/14, 11R22.5 G/14, and 11R22.5 H/16 sizes.

John G Smith

John G. Smith is the editorial director of Newcom Media's trucking and supply chain publications -- including Today's Trucking,, TruckTech, Transport Routier, Inside Logistics, Solid Waste & Recycling, and Road Today. The award-winning journalist has covered the trucking industry since 1995.

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