Michelin’s line of wide single tires now covers on/off-road applications. The new X One XZY3 tire is an all-position radial tire that’s said to deliver both weight and fuel savings.

It features long tread life, says Michelin, by way of a special compound with superior chip and cut resistance. Original tread depth is 23/32 in. The tire features the company’s Infini-Coil Technology, in which a quarter-of-a-mile of steel cable is wrapped circumferentially around the casing to eliminate casing growth.

Protection from stone drilling is provided by variable-pitch groove walls and groove bottom protectors in the center grooves. The tire also provides a reinforced bead package featuring a wide metallic chafer which leads to bead durability and resistance to heat, which is common in stop/start applications. The tire is said to run cool at on-highway speeds up to 75 mph. The X One XZY3 is available in one size — 445/55R22.5.

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