Patented Seat Cushion

The high-tech WonderGel seat cushion

No ordinary seat cushion, the WonderGel product uses patented ‘Cell Buckle Gel’ technology (CBGT), proven in the medical field and commonly used in trauma and burn units. New to Canada, it’s distributed by WellGel Products out of B.C., operated by a former OTR driver, Stacy Hill. The American WonderGel company has been making Gel products for over 16 years, including Dr. Scholl’s insoles, he says.

Made from an ultra-modern co-polymer, the WonderGel cushion is said to provide comfortable support — for hours — while eliminating pressure spikes. It uses the principle of column buckling. As pressure increases, WonderGel columns buckle, distributing the weight to neighboring columns. This virtually eliminates uncomfortable pressure points, it’s claimed.

It also provides immediate, continuous cushioning with no need to wait for foam to heat up or conform to your body every time you change position.  

Four cushion models are available, ranging in thickness from 1 to 2.5 in. and in suggested retail price from $49.99 to $129.99. The 2-in.-thick ‘Extreme’ model at $99.99 is said to be a favorite with drivers. Check the website for trucker specials.

Uniquely, in Canada the cushions come with a two-year warranty on manufacturing and workmanship defects and one year on the cover.

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