The new Duron-E CJ-4 oil from Petro-Canada for EPA-compliant 2007 diesel engines features enhanced soot-fighting capabilities in addition to improved wear protection, oil consumption, and piston deposits compared to the previous CI-4 Plus category. There are three versions – Duron-E 15W-40, Duron-E XL Synthetic Blend 15W-40, and Duron-E Synthetic 10W-40 — all of which have
demonstrated extended drain capabilities in severe-service field trials in both EGR and conventional diesel engines, the company says.

Engine lube purity is a bigger issue now than before, says Petro-Canada, and particulates and contaminants are an even bigger risk factor for next-generation engines equipped with diesel particulate filters. It adds that its base oils are among the purest in the world — 99.9% pure — and especially low in sulfur and sulfated ash.

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