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Pick My Load launches Web site that connects shippers and carriers


MONTREAL, Que. — A new Web site called that connects shippers, fleet managers and owner/operators is set to launch on June 21, 2016.

Pick My Load calls itself a transport on demand solution, that links shippers, who post their loads online, at their desired price, with qualified, insured carriers based on their geo-localization and many other parameters. It supports both Canada and the United States as well as trans-border shipping.

Gwenaël Malbec, CEO and co-founder of Pick My Load Inc. is optimistic about the future of transportation and says: “We are proud of the solution we have collaboratively built and have a feeling that we got it right, that PML will change the way we think of transportation. Our vision is based on three fundamental pillars – Trust: working with quality verified carriers to provide shippers with the best service; Efficiency: Find the closest carrier with the required capacity leveraging our smart search engine at the shipper determined price; and simplicity: Providing an intuitive user friendly experience.

“Carriers will significantly decrease their empty driven miles and naturally increase their revenue, reducing the impact of maintenance costs, with a smaller footprint on the environment. Understanding that the use of our platform is free, the return on investment is immediate. Shippers will better control their shipment costs as they will have access to transportation capacity that was hidden before.”

Starting May 1, both shippers and carriers will be able to pre-register for the new online resource. Go to to pre-register.

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