From Tundra International, based in Ste-Julie, Quebec, comes a comprehensive line of power inverters, many of  which were created specifically for trucks. They’re said to be the only inverters authorized for use in Transforce trucks, launched by a former mechanic specializing in electronics, who sought investors as well as engineering and manufacturing expertise to create his own after truckers came to him frequently with power-inverter problems.

Tundra says that to be qualified as compatible with trucking use, a power inverter must offer: battery saving features; heavy-duty construction; high cooling capacity; proper Installation material; and remote control. The company says its products answer all of those demands.

Of those made for trucks, the compact and affordable Tundra E-Series – the ‘E’ stands for ‘economical’ – is intended for moderate use. Three E-Series inverters are appropriate for trucks, offering 1000, 1500, and 2000-watt continuous-power capacities.

Made for heavier duties, the HD Series ‘Professional’ lineup includes three models aimed at trucks, providing 1200, 1800, and 2500 watts of continuous power. Tundra says they were developed to support intense use in trucks or almost any mobile or static application requiring superior performances and safety. Featuring a steel design, they’ll handle intensive vibrations and they offer a “non-compromising” cooling capacity.

Given that batteries shouldn’t be discharged or used below the critical point of 11 volts, Tundra inverters are preset with an alarm at 11.5 volts and a complete shutdown at 11 volts. The alarm and shutdown can be customized.

The installation kit includes: 24 ft of high-quality welding cable, with pre-assembled terminal lugs; 24 ft of protective plastic loom; two sets of PVC strain relief (floor pass-through); eight metallic cable clamps; two high-quality compression lugs (for cable length adjustment); 25 high-endurance plastic tie-wraps; a DC fuse kit; and a hardware kit.

Tundra says the provision of properly spec’d power inverters can have a positive effect on driver turnover rates, offering superior comfort, while increasing a driver’s autonomy and productivity.

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