ConocoPhillips has introduced Guardol ECT with Liquid Titanium, a premium  API CJ-4 diesel engine oil formulated with an exclusive liquid-titanium technology. It’s said to provide enhanced engine wear protection and reduced bearing corrosion, with increased oxidation stability. The new lube is called an enhancement to the company’s CJ-4 synthetic blend diesel engine oil made from a low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorous and sulfur) technology. It’s approved under the latest heavy-duty engine oil specs from major engine builders.

Guardol ECT combines “advanced high-performance additives” and a blend of synthetic and high-quality Group II base stocks.  ConocoPhillps says Liquid Titanium is an additive that strongly bonds to metal surfaces at the molecular level, adding an extra layer of protection to reduce wear on critical parts and help extend engine life. By increasing oxidation stability, the oil’s life is prolonged, helping to extend drain intervals.

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