Polar Lube, from Alex Milne & Associates, can keep air tools and pneumatic controls operational even in severe arctic conditions. The company says users of such tools are often unaware that air lines can freeze even up at 40F (4.4C). As pressure drops from 100 psi down to atmosphere through the tool or valve, the compressed air, which is always at 100% humidity, super cools rapidly and can freeze up the equipment.

Polar Lube simply replaces the regular lubricant and prevents this from occurring. In fact it’s said to protect air lines down to minus-60F _-50C). It lubricates and will not effect O-rings, seals, rotor blades, polycarbonate bowls, or hoses. It will unfreeze frozen tools as well as prevent freeze-up.
It’s available in 1L and 4L jugs as well as 205L (55-gal) drums from pneumatic distributors.

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