Raptor wrench devours toughest bolting applications

by Truck News

EASTON, Pa. – TorcUP is touting its line of Raptor non-impacting pneumatic torque wrenches as the newest success story for providing safer, more efficient solutions to the trucking industry’s bolting applications.

“The Raptor is accurate to within 5% of its torque value compared to an impact wrench that is only accurate to within about 20% of its torque value,” said Tim Benford, director of sales and marketing for TorcUP. “It has been proven that consistent use of an impact wrench can cause harm to mechanics in the form of white finger disease, carpal tunnel and nerve damage.”

The Raptor uses a simple, non-impacting operation and has the capability to produce precise torque values to decrease human error and aid technicians with the bolting of lug nuts, main bolts, head bolts, and more.

The wrench is available in five models from 78 ft./lbs. to 5,990 ft./lbs.

Visit www.torcup.com for more.

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