Reliable – That’s Mack


A Mack truck is different from the rest. Where our competition joins components from various suppliers and calls it a truck, we build the powertrain as well as the vehicle.

The result is what we call balanced design–a truck in which each component is engineered to function perfectly with the others. Balanced design is not new at Mack, and our partnership with the worldwide AB Volvo and Renault V.I. companies has multiplied and diversified the resources behind the philosophy. It’s given us more R&D. New quality assurance programs. And it’s helped us implement a company-wide Total Quality Management philosophy that ensures that each Mack employee is committed to quality control, problem prevention and continuous improvement.

As a result of that philosophy, the complete Mack powertrain — our engine, transmission and axles — perform optimally because they are designed to work together. In fact, our legendary reputation for building dominant construction trucks was earned behind the synergy of our manufacturing process. So whether you need reliable highway trucks, construction trucks or refuse trucks, trust a Mack powertrain to deliver the horsepower, torque and durability you need to tackle the toughest jobs.

Highway Series – PINNACLE

Heavy Haul Series – TITAN

Construction – GRANITE


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