Claimed to be an industry first, this compact, portable Roadside Lighting Repair Kit is now available from Grote Industries. It contains 23 of the most practical, commonly used, mission-critical lighting components found in today’s commercial vehicles, the company says. There’s "everything a driver needs to make a first-class field repair" and then make it back home or to the nearest service center — without a roadside service call.
These days it might also avoid being pulled over and subjected to a more thorough CSA roadside inspection, potentially leading to the discovery of multiple infractions. The cost in dollars, downtime, and points against the fleet’s CSA score and that of their driver could be substantial.
Grote notes that the authorities track approximately 220 CSA violations related to vehicle maintenance. Violations that wreak the most havoc within the CSA scoring system include: driving out of service (level of severity 10), tire defects (level of severity 8), suspension defects (level of severity 7), defective lights (level of severity 6), steering defects (level of severity 6), and brake defects (level of severity 4).

Violations leading to an out-of-service order result in a doubling of the point penalty. Vehicle maintenance violations (such as those for lighting defects) will affect a driver’s score for 36 months and a fleet’s score for 24 months.
The kit comes in a bag that’s flexible, lightweight and made of rugged nylon. Even fully loaded, it measures only 11 in. long, 8 in. tall and 7 in. deep, so it can be easily stowed in the truck. It contains 12 lamps, four styles of pigtails, three unique grommets, two unique brackets, conspicuity tape, and a selection of 14-gauge butt connectors. The kit also includes a selection of zip-tie fasteners to help stabilize any field repair and a handy inventory sheet with part numbers and color images that will help keep track of content usage and replenishment.
The kit has a fleet wholesale price of around US$105.

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