Seven new crane models were recently introduced by Palfinger North America, offering claimed benefits like more lifting power with the same weight and  maintenance-free boom systems.

Among them, the PK 19502 is a flexible tool said to be cost-efficient. With a lifting capacity of 13,440 lb (6100 kg), it can be equipped with up to 6 hydraulic extensions with a maximum outreach of 56′ 1" (17.1 m).  It has compact transport dimensions, low dead weight, and large stabilizer width.

The PK 22002-EH combines functionality, comfort and safety, equipped with a double telescope stabilizer system and a stabilizer width of 24′ 3" (7.4 m). Its maximum lifting capacity is the same 13,440 lb.

Both these two new models sport a "maintenance free" boom system, partly due to the use of sliding elements made from special synthetic materials.

The PK 30002 and PK 33002-EH High Performance cranes, new to North America, are marked by their "ideal" ratio of dead weight to lifting capacity. Both offer a maximum lifting capacity of 22,050 lb (10,000 kg) and hydraulic reach up to 69′ 11" (21.3 m).

The first ‘SH’ series crane has also made its way to North America. The PK 34002-SH represents a "completely new crane concept" combining lightweight construction, maneuverability, ease of maintenance, and controllability, the company says. Equipped with a continuous slewing system, maintenance-free boom, and Power Link Plus, it reaches heights of 69′ 11" (21.3 m) with a maximum lift capacity of 22,050 lb (10,000 kg).

The new PK 37002 and PK 46002 High Performance, Top-Seat-controlled cranes are the non-radio remote versions of the presently offered PK 40002-EH and PK 50002-EH cranes. They offer a 12% increase in lifting capacity over their predecessors, among other new features.

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