Shaw Tracking says its improved e-mail services will bring greater operational efficiency and reduced costs.

The lineup includes three components: Driver E-mail, Driver SOS, and Driver ACE Alert. With an improved web interface to support simple, user-friendly features, Shaw says these services present drivers with a practical tool for communication with friends and family during extended trips, after-hours contact with dispatch, and seamless border crossings. Carriers, meanwhile, get the means to improve fleet-wide safety, increase productivity, and encourage overall driver satisfaction.

Driver E-mail is a two-way service that allows drivers to send and receive personal messages directly from the cab of the truck. These e-mail messages are kept strictly confidential, keeping drivers in touch while away from home and thus helping with driver retention. Complete reporting details now break down driver usage, and with no prepayment or cards required, as well as discount periods offered throughout the week, costs are minimized to both driver and carrier.

Driver SOS provides drivers with the ability to send emergency messages through macro alerts to as many as six e-mail recipients at one time. Said to have a driver-friendly and easy-to-use interface, it means drivers can efficiently notify all appropriate parties of important information in a single message, even after normal business hours. One key result is a safer environment for drivers.

Driver ACE Alert provides e-mail alerts directly from an approved electronic data interchange (EDI) or ACE solutions provider to the driver — in the cab — once a load has been cleared by customs. Both driver and dispatcher receive the proper notification, reducing the risk of penalty for arrival at the border without clearance.  Drivers, in turn, save on the time required to pull over and check with dispatch on the status of their loads, thus enabling smoother, more resourceful passage across the border.

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