Solus Solutions and Technologies has introduced 10 EPA– and CARB-certified aerodynamic products for trailers, including seven ‘split skirt’ configurations, wheel-cavity covers, an outboard wakeboard, thrust fairing, and a ‘flip tail’.  The wakeboard and thrust fairing can be integrated into a trailer as original equipment or as part of one of three packages that offer claimed fuel savings from 3.4 to 4.9 percent.

The split skirts have an aft panel that moves with the tandem axle for best performance but can also move independently to allow for maintenance and safety checks. The design allows for customization based on a user’s particular need, accommodating reefer, tank, and flatbed trailers of any length, doubles included, as well spare tires and tool boxes. Solus says there are no modifications required for landing gear access or reefer fuel tanks.

The skirts provide 8 in. of static ground clearance and 20 in. of total ground clearance while weighing less than 200 lb, the company says. Length varies between 18 to 24 ft with the aft panel remaining constant at 6 ft and the gap ranging from 0 to 4 ft as required. Three of the these skirt configurations are said to provide greater than 5% savings while the other four manage to top 4% — and combined with the wheel-cavity cover they’ll hit 5% too, according to the manufacturer.

The wheel-cavity cover itself is for use on both tractor and trailer, incorporating a large-diameter access hole in the center to provide unlimited visual and physical wheel access for maintenance and safety checks. It’s said to offer a 1.3% fuel saving.

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