The new 24.5-in. LvL ONE aluminum wheel from Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products is claimed to be the strongest wheel in the 24.5×8.25-in. standard wheel category with a load rating of 7850 lb, 450 pounds more than steel alternatives while weighing 30 lb less. It’s also said to be the strongest standard wheel available to work with load-range ‘H’ tires.

Fleets and owner-operators can get useful fuel savings from pulling 540 fewer pounds – 35% less than standard steel wheels, Alcoa claims — on an 18-wheel rig.

Designed for the working truck, vocational, construction, and over the road trailers, the lighter weight of the new wheel translates into less stress on tires, brakes, engines and drive trains.

Alcoa’s dual-side clean buff finish makes the 24.5-in. LvL ONE bright, and also eliminates single-side, double-wheel ordering, reducing inventory as the it can be mounted on any standard tractor or trailer axle position.

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