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Study suggests SCR winning the PR war

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A study by researcher Quixote Group Research has shown that most truck customers are leani...

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A study by researcher Quixote Group Research has shown that most truck customers are leaning towards selective catalytic reduction (SCR) as their technology of choice in 2010.


The online study polled small and large fleet managers as well as owner/operators, according to Quixote. It was, however, conducted on behalf of the North American Heavy-Duty SCR Stakeholders Group.


According to the study, 53.4% of the 828 respondents said they would likely consider SCR for their next truck purchase. Meanwhile, 29.4% of respondents said they’d likely be using EGR only, which will be offered exclusively by Navistar.


“Based on purchase consideration, it appears that the key benefits provided by the SCR technology, which include fuel savings and fewer active regenerations, outweigh the added step of keeping diesel exhaust fluid tanks filled,” said Chuck Mattina, president of Quixote Group Research.  “Engine OEMs committed to SCR should focus on clearly communicating these meaningful benefits to prospective buyers.  SCR is clearly the frontrunner at this point in time, and we would expect the battle to begin shifting from SCR versus increased EGR to who will have the best SCR system available on January 1, 2010.”


The other finding of the study was that there’s still a lot of confusion about what the EPA2010 regulations will entail. Only 60% of respondents knew that NOx is targeted under the rules and nearly half did not know which technology – SCR or EGR – would deliver which benefits.

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