The TriMAXX coiled 7-way sealed system from Sloan Transportation Products is now available. Sloan’s sealed plug, when combined with the receptacle, is said to provide a secure and contaminant-free connection between tractor and trailer. The system helps minimize truck downtime with what is claimed to be the industry’s
first integrated plug-face gasket that creates a positive seal to the receptacle, stopping corrosion from
reaching the terminals.

The plug face gasket is made of durable PVC and encircles the terminal area, creating a sealed union regardless of the receptacle’s manufacturer, says Sloan. The system also features over-molded terminals that prevent corrosion migration that typically attacks ‘industry standard’ plug-and-socket connections due to contaminants back-flowing down the cable. An integrated drip-edge channel eliminates those contaminants from coming down the cable into the plug/socket connection.

To assist drivers in plugging and unplugging, Sloan has included a more secure gripping point to the system.
Included is a receptacle, receptacle plug/cable, and retaining ring.

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