Doran Manufacturing’s family of tire-pressure monitoring systems includes the Doran 360HD, introduced last year. The company says the system’s wireless sensors are "proven" — by way of rigorous SAE tests at an independent lab — to withstand temperatures up to 257°F that can occur in trucks challnged by heavy loads and stop-and-go driving.

The secret, says Doran, is in the sensor material, the potting process, and the three-piece seal design of the sensors.

With at- a-glance status updates, including a new patent-pending ‘Green Means Good’ indicator, the 360HD is targeted especially at applications like refuse vehicles, recycling trucks, and delivery fleets.

The system monitors up to 36 tires for truck, tractor and trailer applications with wireless tire-pressure sensors screwed onto the valve stems. They transmit a signal to an in-cab monitor, and the driver is alerted through both audible and visual alarms that provide more than a warning signal — the location and pressure of the problem tire is also sent to the cab. A new ‘Fast Leak’ alarm is also built in, giving drivers the ability to deal with low pressures early enough to avoid catastrophic tire failures.

The system, which works with traditional dual-tire configurations or wide-base single tire applications, provides an estimated payback of less than nine months per truck (based on driving 100,000 miles annually). Doran says the 360HD is aimed at fleets of all types and sizes, including owner-operators.

Installation takes about an hour per truck or trailer.

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