WABCO has announced the availability of its new IVTM technology for the North American market. Its “new and improved” Integrated Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring system provides drivers with real-time tire pressure information, helping maintain tire inflation at optimum levels and thus reduce fuel consumption up to 2% while increasing tire life up to 20%.

It also detects slow leaks which contribute to heat build-up, the cause of most tire failures.

It fits all wheel sizes and all types of light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles with up to 20 wheels.

The IVTM system uses external wheel-mounted sensors to constantly measure tire pressure and wirelessly transmit this information to an electronic control unit. The ECU alerts the driver to tire-pressure changes either through the factory-installed dashboard display or via an easily mounted dedicated display.

It’s the latest generation of technology pioneered in 2003 in collaboration with Michelin. IVTM is a trademark of Michelin.

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