The SmartWave TPMS (tire-pressure monitoring system) from Dana Corporation’s Commercial Vehicle Systems group is now available for retrofit installation on a variety of commercial trucks through OEM dealerships.

It’s a real-time electronic system that actively — and accurately, says Dana — measures the air pressure and
temperature for each tire on a vehicle. It transmits data wirelessly to a receiver mounted on the vehicle and
displays the information in the cab. It alerts drivers to a specific under-inflated tire, for example, while allowing fleet maintenance staff to measure tire pressure quickly. Suitable for all wheel and tire types, SmartWave TPMS can be installed at any point in the vehicle’s life.

The system should reduce operating expenses for both fuel and tires by maintaining proper tire pressure. The
system can communicate with off-board communications systems utilizing the J1939 data link, allowing fleets to
capture important real-time pressure and temperature data to provide proactive maintenance and help eliminate
costly roadside tire failures, Dana says.

Initial configurations available include the following chassis arrangements: 4 x 2 with standard dual tires; 6 x 4 with wide-based single tires; and 6 x 4 with standard dual tires.

Dana says the system provides a platform for future sensing capabilities that will give fleet managers the ability to receive real-time, off-vehicle information from a host of additional vehicle functions. SmartWave TPMS was
developed in collaboration with SmarTire Systems Inc.

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