The Wingman mini skirt

Wingman, the ‘mini skirt’ air-flow control product from Airman Inc., has all the operational features of its predecessor, the AirWedge. They’re said to include what the maker calls “superb” ground clearance, high trailer stability in crosswinds, spray control in wet weather which provides clear views on both sides of and behind the trailer, plus cooler running tires and brakes.

The Wingman is tucked-in next to the rear axles and moves with those axles. Its compact design prevents damage from curbs, railroads, or large elevation changes in skirt-unfriendly docks. Because the Wingman is so short, under-trailer access is not impeded.

It’s said to have demonstrated more than a 9% increase in a live fuel-economy test. The ‘mini skirt’ was installed on a van trailer loaded to 79,800 lb and driven by an owner/operator for C & D Express on a 500-mile highway run.

Airman says it’s slated to receive its CARB certification this fall.

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