ATDynamics has released the next-generation TrailerTail Model 2011, an aerodynamic fairing fitted on the BACK of van trailers to address rear drag. It features ultra-light thermoplastic composite material and collapsible origami architecture. So far the Model 2011 has logged 750,000 highway miles, the company says, with no reported performance, handling or driver issues.

One U.S. carrier is said to be retrofitting its entire fleet of 3500 trailers with the TrailerTail, which is calculated to save over 1 million gallons (US) a year — and cut CO2 emissions by over 11,000 tons. That amounts to a quick one-year payback.

Rear air drag reduction is indeed a cost-saving opportunity for fleets. The manufacturer says that, when combined with side skirts and other aerodynamic modifications, rear trailer fairings can deliver a fuel economy improvement of over 12%.

ATDynamics is providing a 90-day risk-free offer to accelerate fleet adoption.

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