Visteon Corporation has launched its new transportable HD Radio receiver. A transportable unit, the HD Jump delivers premium new HD2 multicast channels and, the maker says, crystal-clear sound both in a vehicle the car and in the home.

The receiver docks into a cradle in the vehicle. An optional home kit allows the receiver to also be used with a home stereo. The HD Jump offers the full spectrum of HD Radio features, including program-associated data like real-time song title, artist and album information, as well as multicasting where available. The clarity of HD Radio technology is said to allow FM stations to be enjoyed with CD-quality sound and boost AM quality up to that of FM sound. More than 1000 radio stations now broadcast HD Radio signals in the U.S. with over 400 offering new formats on HD2 channels.

“HD Jump… seamlessly integrates into the vehicle by using the vehicle’s existing radio antenna and head unit to receive and decode the digital HD Radio signal and provide high-quality HD Radio content, without replacing the vehicle’s factory-installed audio system,” says Greg Gyllstrom, Visteon’s aftermarket vice president.

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