UltraShift PLUS MHP & MXP Transmissions

Gear Selection Logic

UltraShift PLUS constantly adapts based on the weight of the load, the grade and power. It begins by automatically selecting the best starting gear, then continues to monitor any changes throughout the ride.
Even though the system is automated, the driver is always in control. Manual mode allows the driver to initiate and control shifts – like idling in heavy traffic. Low mode boosts the rpm point at which downshift occurs to maximize engine braking.
Low Speed Maneuverability

Through extended low and reverse gear ratio coverage, UltraShift PLUS provides enhanced maneuverability at lower and reverse speeds, giving the driver ultimate control in challenging situations like parking lots, loading docks, and other tight spaces.

When we say PLUS, we mean it.

In addition to Gear selection Logic and low speed maneuverability, UltraShift PLUS provides drivers with enhanced performance capabilities like:
  • Engine Braking
  • Creep Mode
  • Hill Start Aid
  • Skip Shifting










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