The three new welding helmets offered by Snap-on were designed with metal fabricators in mind. Each one offers different capabilities that adapt to multiple welding needs and the individual user’s preference.

The three new welding helmets are:

The YA4601, an adjustable high-definition auto-darkening helmet with adjustable shade, sensitivity and delay. Its high-definition lens features great clarity and a very wide viewing area while being able to handle multiple welding processes. Four arc sensors provide the widest range of sensitivity to trigger the lens under multiple welding conditions.

The YS4602 is an adjustable, auto-darkening helmet with adjustable shade and sensitivity. It can handle most welding processes and has two arc sensors useful in most welding conditions.

The YA4603 is the simplest of the three, a fixed-shade, auto-darkening helmet good for most carbon arc welding processes. it has two arc sensors.

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