The Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI with ThermAlert is now the standard option for Utility trailers spec’d for automatic tire inflation systems. It detects increased wheel-end temperatures and helps alert drivers to stop for repairs before serious damage can occur. This
early warning helps reduce the potential risk, cost and downtime associated with wheel loss, wheel end failures, and trailer fires.

The wheel-end heat sensing technology of ThermAlert is being added by Utility Trailer when MTIS is installed at no additional cost to customers. The company has been offering MTIS on its trailers since 1995.

PSI and ArvinMeritor developed ThermAlert after a potential fleet customer inquired about the possibility of having a wheel-end warning device that would detect excessive heat. A way was found to incorporate such capability with MTIS, and the patented result is now a no-charge standard feature.

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